Drifting thoughts of a snowflake

Friday, July 23, 2004


I have to tell you a story about my sister.  If you want to get an idea of what she’s like before hand, read this.

The short story about her is that she is a very devote Christian.  It’s not irritating, because she keeps it to herself and doesn’t usually push it on me.  She is, without a doubt, the sweetest person I know. 

Right now my sister is having a pool and pool house built.  It’s been an extensive hassle due to the rain and other construction woes.  One morning she puts her kids into their little wetsuits and they go out for a swim before the workers start.  When the workers show up, she rounds up the kids and goes back inside.  The minute she gets inside she realizes she left her watch by the pool.  She runs back down to the pool, only to find the watch is missing.  She searches for the watch for twenty minutes with the only worker that was there.  He helps her, but atlas there is no watch to be found. 

A week goes by and my sis asks every possible worker if they have seen it.  Nothing.  They talk to the contractor and tell him they just want the watch back, and that they don’t care who took and it’s no big deal – they just want it back.  My sister keeps thinking back to when she lost it, noting the only person there was this one guy – “the Preacher Man”.  The contractor is threatening to make all the workers take a lie detector test.

“The Preacher Man” is one of the workers who formed a quick nickname around the house.  Saturday mornings at 8 am he’s there in the backyard setting up his radio so he can listen to the most militantly horrific sounding Spanish religious broadcast.  It’s creepy.  From what I can understand of the show, we all suck and should be ashamed that God has to even look down at us occasionally.  To make matters worse the Preacher Man yells at the other workers in the same commanding voice as the radio entertainer.  So everyday sounds like a bad religious sermon in my sister’s backyard.

Convinced the PM stole her watch, she tells the general contractor she wants him off the job. Sorry, but she can’t trust him.  She doesn’t want this man at her house.  My sister agonized over actually telling the contractor to get rid of him.  So she prays and prays over the matter and even though she feels bad about it, she makes the man leave.

A couple of days later, she’s in the shower when her 5 year old comes in and tells her the PM is in the living room waiting to talk to her.  Scared to death that Boo (my nephew) let this guy in the house, she rushes out and finds him standing in middle of the living room looking down at the floor.
 She asks him why he’s there, and he begins to cry.  He tells her he had the watch in his pocket the whole time he helped her look for it.  He further explains that once he took the watch, the guilt grew and grew until he went and talked to his pastor the night before.  The pastor told him to go apologize to her.  At this point he hasn’t given her the watch back, and she feels horrible that he is crying.  He begins to beg her not to tell his boss he stole the watch.  He knows he’ll get fired, and he really needs the job.  My sister walks over to him, hugs him and then lectures him about how God wants him to do the right things.  He gives her the watch, and she tells the man’s boss it was in the towels all along.

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