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Thursday, August 19, 2004

AHHHH Grasshopper…….

I got into my car this afternoon, started it, and noticed a little friend looking at me from the other side of the glass. I tilted my head to the side, and squinted me eyes to get a better look at him. A sweet little grasshopper with tall antennas looked back at me. I looked down, then back at him, and said, “Well Mister, you’re in for the ride of your life.”

I wasn’t sure if he would be able to hang on to the windshield wiper going 50 miles per hour down a busy road, but we were about to find out. I watched him the whole way, and he looked like he loved it. Whizzing past trees faster than he could ever imagine, flying at a rate unknown to him before, he looked exhilarated. At some point he turned around and was looking at me as I drove. I think he might have been yelling for me to slow down, but I couldn’t hear him over the wind. I like to imagine he was shouting “YEEEE HAWWW” as we curved around the streets doing 65 mph. (I only say “yee haw” because he’s a Texas grasshopper) As I pulled into my parking lot and got out, I told him “Good job, buddy. You’re in a whole new world!”

I feel a lot like that grasshopper right now. For the past few days, I have noticed all the beauty in the city around me. Driving over high bridges, I stare down at the glistening water and admire the rowers peacefully gliding through the water. I stopped in traffic the other day to admire a rainbow that hovered over the capital, and disappeared in the clouds. It made me remember how hopeful I was as a child when I saw those illusions. It instilled that same hope in me again.
Yesterday I watched the rain coming down through the rays of sunshine and wondered why all this beauty is around me right now. It’s as if the forces have decided to brighten my way.

I have the unmistakable feeling that something is about to happen to me. My energy is shifting, and I can feel a change coming on. I welcome it, but at the same time I’m a little scared. The world is opening up to me, and it’s my turn to be brave just like the grasshopper.

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Blogger Hot Toddy said...

I loved this post. Yee HAW!!!

2:11 PM

Blogger mona said...

brave little grasshopper.

10:22 AM


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