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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

you're going to do what?

Miss Suzanna, the sex therapist, has a vastly more intriguing job than I do. On top of it, it upsets her mother. How glorious! Even at 30, I still love to get my mom reved up over sex. I guess that Suzanna is about 45, so the thrill must always be there.

I had a couples appointment with her yesterday afternoon. To my slight surprise, she was moderately dressed up. Suzanna usually wears pants and a shirt. Pretty ordinary and basic. Yesterday she was wearing a white criss-cross shirt, black pants, black boots, and a beautiful red garnet necklace. The necklace was the give away that something was going on in her life. I immediately asked about it, and what a perfect opportunity to deflect from my problems.

As it turns out she has an interview with a reporter for the local news. She also let on that her publisher is keeping her swamped with sex pieces right now. (Literary pieces that is) Evidently there are several breaking stories regarding the good old fashion past time. Who knew? And who knew that Miss Suzanna is highly regarded?

So the interview she was doing was on vaginal plastic surgery. WHAT???? You're kidding me! My first thought as a straight woman, is that I haven't seen that many to compare mine too. Ok, I saw a few at an all nude bar. I don't think I looked closely at anything that night. And the occasional Playboy.

She thinks this is the problem. That women are comparing themselves to stereo-typical pictures in porn magazines and then feeling the need to alter themselves.

That would never occur to me - well, not to alter that part of my body. Sure, I have plenty of girlfriends with breast jobs. Some went bigger, some went smaller. A few of them did it for self-esteem, a few because they had no self-esteem. But at least you see them! This surgery, who is going to see that? Unless you are in a specific industry, I hope it's only you and your lovers. So who cares? Do men really care about this?

Do women care enough about what men think to alter this? What's next? I just seems to me that if you are doing the right stuff in bed, that should be the last thing on his mind.

I think these women (unless it's a case of functionality) should forego the surgery and take sex lessons from someone. Make those men blind with passion and move on.

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