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Friday, March 26, 2004

Cover up, Shut Up

45 minutes until I am done for today. Of course I have to work this weekend, but at my own leisure, so I am still really excited to be done. I’m feeling better than I did yesterday, wheew. That was hard one. Give this girl a drink!

On a work related note, don’t people just get to you? There you are in your work pod (nope, I still don’t like it), working away and the every move of your neighbor sets you off. Oh, is this just me? Regardless, it kills me.

Here’s the deal with this one. First of all, she has a problem with people who are speaking loudly. I can agree. I too am annoyed at co-workers who decide their conversation is a topic for the whole company. I don’t care. I couldn’t care less. Please please, shut the fuck up.
The only problem is that she is one of those people. This morning she has an hour meeting in her cube with another worker bee. I was trying to edit something. I was forced to read aloud and compete with her boisterous volume. Although, this probably made me appear to be some mentally challenged freak, it’s the best I could do.

On a consistent basis, another rather socially inept and loud man stands by our cubes to talk to someone. You can here this guy all the way in the women’s restroom, with the dryers blowing gale force winds. When my neighbor hears him she becomes a mad woman. “Do you mind?” she snarls at him. I’ve seen her stare that man down on a daily basis, shut the door on him when he walks into an office, and ever throw her hands up at him.

What? What about you? What about me? Darling, he’s no louder than you! Ok, he is more annoying due to the WWJD bracelet, but equally as deafening.

And there’s more. She’s not straight. Who cares, right? I don’t care about that, but what does bother me is the cover up. She talks to her “roommate” on the phone more often than a teenage girl in heat. She gets that crushed out voice. The one that’s all seductive and purring like a cat. The end every conversation with “You know!!! (smiley smiley) I know you!!” Please woman, you’re 52 years old. Ok, your attractive, ok your active and pretty cool, but give me a rest from your insanity! Tell the woman you love her and hang up! I’m going to collapse at my desk if I have to hear another story about the roomie and her activities from the following weekend, while I sit there and pretend that she’s straight. I feel like a moron! Just feed me any old line, and I’ll buy. I have naive all over my expressionless face. I suppose it’s made me a good actor.

I understand that some people want to keep things to themselves, but in my case I’ve already been overexposed. To keep telling me stories about your roommate as if she’s just your friend is down right insulting!

Ok, enough. Tonight I am going to go and have a couple of drinks, wherever I can get in. I never thought I would miss my ID this much. Man, I miss it. The way it use to sit in my pocket, the way it was bent just right, the way…

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