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Friday, February 27, 2004

Nice do!

Help! Austin's being attacked! The last few times I have been out and about, odd looking men abound. Am I? Could I be? Is it true that I am getting old, and no longer appreciate the new looks?

It's not really the women. In fact, I think they look just fine. Normal typical Austin fare. T-shirts, wow maybe a trendy t, and jeans. But what is wrong with these boys?

Have you noticed the nice new - ok by now, it is kinda out, but I do live in Texas - mod haircuts? AHH - they kill me! No idea what I am talking about? Think about the old Beatles haircuts. It's the English thing. And I am thinking that an English man, might pull it off. A Texan named Josh wearing tight jeans (and no doubt his hips are smaller than a woman's size 6), a cute punk belt which matches the one I am wearing, and vans is hardly my idea of a masculine man.

I realize that not all women like big strong men. In fact, my dearest friend's mom prefers gilrie men. I don't get it. And in this case, I can't imagine a man spending more time on his hair than I do. Do they shop together for Kusco Murphy hair creamy? "Hey Dillon, check out what your hair can do with this stuff?"

Another oddity happened the other night. An invasion of short men. Not short like 5'8 or even 5'4, I'm talking about 5'2 short men. And not just one or two. It was about 10 short men. Like a little short party. They were adorable, cute as can be. But is it a support group all out together? I'm not sure. I have nothing against short men - in fact, some short men I find really attractive. However boys, a whole gaggle of you doesn't make a couple of you look taller by default. It makes you look like a spectacle.

One more irritating point: when you see a girl at a show, obviously into the music, please don't talk to her while the band is playing. A couple of "hey that's pretty cool"s and maybe a "hey can I buy you a beer" is fine. Telling me about your seven sisters and brother and the details of your current job, is not what I had in mind when I went to hear music that night.

I guess after being married for a while, I forgot what's out there. Freighting enough, I can see why it keeps some people married. Do not despair - I will figure out the right thing to do for me. Even if it means complaining about men for the rest of my life. In the end, boys are too much fun and I'll get over it.

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