Drifting thoughts of a snowflake

Friday, April 30, 2004

Victory is mine!

You might remember the rantings I entertained regarding my cube-mate. She’s the loud gay woman that invades my work environment. Well, I’m so cunning that I got rid of her once and for all.

It appears Miss S. had a hankering for a little caviar. At my suggestion, and slight persuasion, I instructed her to find Central Market. Miss S lives very close to this part of town, but is unfamiliar on how to get anywhere. Could it be that she never leaves her cat infested home?

She left with instruction in hand for the location of the fish dispensers. Her last sentence wafting in the air, “if you don’t hear back from me today, it’s because I’m lost for good!” Oh, how tempting. The Cheshire cat smiles at his good deed, relishing in the glorious thought of silence.

It’s been over and hour, and nothing. No noticeable noise is detected from her side of the wall. I hear no tapping on her keyboard, no loud conversation to her hidden lover.

Indeed, I do believe the sanctity of silence is mine. I can hear the snowflakes falling on the high traffic carpet. Lovely, glorious victory.

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