Drifting thoughts of a snowflake

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

To my loved ones

While picking up a prescription this afternoon, I thought about getting a card for the hubby. Tomorrow is our 3- year anniversary of our wedding. Searching through the cards, I realized none of them are appropriate for our situation. Therefore, I would like to suggest that Hallmark come up with the following cards for all of my ill-struck relationships:

1)Cover with a rose on it: Happy Anniversary to my estranged husband.
Inside: Even though we don’t see each other or talk, you’re still important to me. It just doesn’t seem like that, because we don’t act like that. But really…
2)Cover with a kid holding their breath: Happy Birthday to the father I don’t speak to
Inside: I could do this forever, here’s to making my life easier!
3)Cover with an enlarged picture of a large rocks glass with slightly orange liquid in it.
Inside: To my mom, there are so many things about you I would like to forget. Thanks for teaching me the art of drinking!

After this large dose of sinicism, I think I will retire to my bed of nails. Please excuse this entry, as large amounts of cold medicine have taken over my feverish brain. I actually love all these people, but life is a balance – isn’t it?

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