Drifting thoughts of a snowflake

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Soap bubbles and bruised kids

I’m having one of those days where you walk around in circles and wonder how you could beat the stuffing out of your ex-whoever. It’s not really that I don’t like any of my previous companions, it’s just that I’m frustrated and I thought it might make me feel happier. I like to think about how happy Willie Nelson’s ex-wife was when she sewed him into the bed sheets and beat him with a pillow case containing a bar of soap. Now that’s happy.

Since I am just plain poopy, I thought I would check out a site that makes me laugh every time. To my utter astonishment, a funny picture came up of beating children. It’s my lucky day! Damn Kids!

Other than that, my sister had to go to therapy and pay someone $100 to find out that Dr. Laura is not spouting out realistic advice or professional guidance that should be followed by anyone belonging to the human race. This again proves being adopted does make you feel like you were raised with wolves. Since she is bitter with her super rich husband, she left her therapist and went straight to Neiman Marcus to spend his money. I think buying your self another Prada dress is better therapy than listening to Dr. Laura, and I’ve told her this a thousand times. The diesel jeans that cost more than my paycheck, hell ya – see if that man notices you now! I wonder why she goes to a therapist and just doesn’t listen to me.

Oh ya, I’m dreaming of beating people.

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