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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Make a baby and save America!

I just hung up the phone with my sister,Meme. Yes, the conservative one. Bad idea. It was a rambling conversation about the bias liberal media, how great Bush is, how the US should not have to abide by the UN, and how Kerry had no plan. Is this person honestly related to me?

At what point does the whole nature versus nurture argument come into play? I felt sick to my stomach. She tells me that the Republicans are not made up of rich bastards trying to profit off of other Americans. Meme wants you to know that Democrats created that idea so you wouldn’t like the red team. This idea is brought to you from the woman who has more money than Jebus and read Dr. Laura books.

Regardless of the intricacies of our debate, I was shocked to hear her perspective. Polar opposite doesn’t do the situation justice. Ideas like, “Kerry didn’t want war, now he does want war” spewed from her lips. Rush L. is a figurehead in my family, and Meme was propagating on his behalf.

I’m adopted. Every now and again I remember this fact, and it always feels like a breath of fresh air. I always feet like an outsider around my family. I grew up creating my own liberal ideas, while the other children swallowed spoons full of conservative ideology without blinking an eye. I played the piano and wrote, while they played sports. How does one develop their political convictions?

I’ve heard over and over that your political affiliation is more likely to be an inheritated trait, rather than a learned behavior. Certainly exceptions exist. However, in my case it appears to have genetically worked as prescribed. I am an odd ball in a room full of rednecks and moral superiors. I can’t wait for Christmas.

On the other hand, I don’t have to worry about things my sisters fret over. I’m not going to be my mom anymore than they will end up being like my birthmother. I don’t worry about mental instabilities passed down from my father’s side of the family. For me, it’s a free for all and I’m perfectly content with it. I feel grateful that I don’t share their DNA. I feel lucky that I alone define myself. It is a gift most people don’t receive genetically, and one that I don’t take for granted.

I’m frustrated I can’t change her mind. I’m angry that people can’t see another viewpoint, when I try so hard to look at every angle. I do feel cheated and robbed over the election, but we have to keep trying to stay open minded. It’s either that, or everyone who is not a republican needs to start making babies to save America.

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Blogger Hot Toddy said...

Our families are so much alike. I sometimes look at them and think, "how did I come from this family!?"

If I didn't look so much like my mom and dad, I would swear I was adopted too!

10:49 AM

Blogger Wayne said...

OH Amanda, you've done your best...

My mom, who never voted, actually went to vote on Tuesday.

I remember, over the phone, she was like...."Yeah. I went to vote. F**K Bushy!!!"

Kinda funny, coming from a 60 years old lady.

12:51 PM

Blogger MzOuiser said...

Yeah, me too. Dad's side: All very isolated Focus-on-the-Family Baptists. On Mom's side: Conservative Catholics. I'm the only female member of my family without a house, spouse, kids, and a pro-life bumper sticker.

Well, my Mom doesn't have the bumper sticker. ;)

2:06 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

Perhaps we are all adopted and they don't want to admit it. I look just like one of my sisters, but not the other one. People always think she is the adopted one! That's what she gets for being a 6 foot gorgeous blond with double Ds. :)

I love that your mom calls him - Bushy! That's great!

10:21 AM


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