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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Long Live Willie

There are some people that remind you of family. Maybe they even remind you of a nice uncle you never had, but wish you did.

That’s who Willie is for me. He’s another Grand Dad who happens to roll around town as his own ass kicking force. Sure he’s old and sure he’s just a simple guy, but you can’t help but love the guy. Know anyone else who decided to start running more in there 70’s? Nope. Just Willie.

I got an email today from a friend regarding Willie. It said the following:

“You gotta love Willie. Look at his public statement regarding being caught with a bag of marijuana: ‘It's a good thing I had a bag of Marijuana instead of a bag of spinach. I'd be dead by now."

My thoughts exactly! How can you not love this man?

Oh and I hear you about the music. I do. I understand you’re not a fan of country music, but that’s where you went wrong. Willie isn’t really country music. He’s not quite what I would consider Texas music either, even though he certainly is one of the most influential musicians behind the so-called Texas music movement.

In fact, I can say that I’m not a fan of country music at all. I never have like it and just the thought of someone like Clint Black or Kenny Chesney makes me think that you have to be desperate to listen to that stuff. I just don’t get it and I don’t want to get it.

Willie’s music is pretty far from country. Sure it’s country influenced, but who doesn’t need to hear “Whiskey River” from time to time? And you can’t deny that he’s one of the most talented songwriters of our time. From “Crazy” to “Red Headed Stranger” and “Funny how Time Slips Away”’ the guy is brilliant and uncomplicated. It’s refreshing. If you like Johnny Cash, but hate Willie Nelson I would love to figure out how that’s possible. Please let me know.

If there’s one CD that you have to have, it’s Stardust. I grew up listening to this CD and it still impresses me. His lifestyle and relentless pursuit to still get up there and play his old guitar amazes me. He’s a legend. He’s one of my hero’s. Keep smoking and keep joking, Willie. Here in Austin, we’ll always love you.

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Blogger DrinkJack said...

Willie is the type of entertainer that just ascends the stereotypes.

5:44 PM

Anonymous Nan said...

I grew up listening to Willie too.

10:29 AM

Blogger Dirty Dan Sin said...

My single mom listened to Willie a lot during Saturday Morning Housecleaning time. I always cnnect Willie with cleaning. This is a good thing.

3:14 PM

Blogger Lost in Translation said...

"blue eyes crying in the rain" is my all-time favorite.... it's a real crowd pleaser at my personal pity-parties, but i'm trying to cut back on my party time these days. rock-on william.

4:52 PM


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