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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Egocentric Birthday Shout out –

Okay, people – it’s my birthday! Cocktails Friday night at G&S Lounge if it’s raining, and Freddie’s if there’s sunshine. If you’re not there, regardless of your current location, I will be forced to cross you off my super great blog friends list.

Yea, I have one. So what?

Also for something a little more meaningful, I keep having dreams and thoughts about my Grandfather that past away last year. I keep feeling his presence around me right now as I unpack my old belongings into my new house.

I keep looking at memories and feeling blue. Then today I sat down at my desk and was admiring the flowers that BB sent. (Yes, long story turns out I should have gotten the full story – I used my jump to conclusions mat and was wrong. It happens every 10 years or so)

A big bunch of tulips staring back at me, eager to open up and let me see their beauty suddenly reminded me of a childhood memory. When I was little my grandfather would always buy me or make me an orchid corsage for my birthday. I loved them. They glistened with their delicate petals pridefully showing off their lavish colors. I also felt so proud to be wearing it pinned to my t-shirt, which was always dirty from playing in the yard or climbing trees. My hair always escaped my ponytail and frizzed out around my face. I was a mess as a child; except for the days my mother demanded I wear a dress and forced my hair into a slick brown bun. Regardless, it was the girliest thing I ever put on as a child.

I wonder now why he always did that. I don’t remember him doing that for any of my siblings or cousins. Lately I can hear him in my mind telling me, “Come here, gal”. Which meant I could crawl up on his lap and let him protect me from the world or the people in my house, whichever was worse at the time. I’m thankful that he’s still with me.

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Blogger Lost in Translation said...

i'm a big 'flake fan’…. don’t know why. it’s not something to be explained…. it just is. it’s hard to rationalize…. it’s harder to walk away. her innate faculties are not measured in the depth & breath of sight, but rather of her insight, not of sound, but rather her resound, not of touch, but rather how she has touched. grandpa knew it before it was so.

“you say it’s your birthday…. happy birthday to you.”

4:07 PM

Blogger DrinkJack said...

Happy birthday and happy memories...

awfully short notice on the party though.

5:38 PM

Blogger Nan said...

Grampa's are the best!

3:18 PM

Blogger Dirty Dan Sin said...

bah! I missed appropriate bday greetings and well wishes.

I hope it was a good one. But then, why wouldn't it have gone like puppies chugging stardust, yr blessed!

oh yeah, gmail me the new good address, I still have yr guitar parts hostage. ;-)

12:06 PM

Blogger Devlin said...

I was totaly there for your birthday.. and once again you ignored me... you even pretended that you didn't know me when I sent over that drink...

Joking... Happy belated Birthday

5:21 PM


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