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Friday, April 07, 2006


I’m just walking to the copier….do..do…doo….and what’s this? Cute guy? Huh? Cute! Like the MIT shirt…..like the smile…..like the hair….nice…nice…what’s he doing in my office…. weird. There is never anyone cute here.

I think I’ll just turn back and get one more quick peek. Turn head, die of embarrassment as he is looking back at me.

Okay..okay…not so bad. I mean, at least he was looking too. Right?

I run into a coworker and tell her what an ass I just made out of myself with some new guy here in the office. Then she trumps me. “You mean Gena’s kid? The one in high school?”


I’m that girl.

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Blogger Lost in Translation said...

>> "There is never anyone cute here." <<.... that will cost you. >> "Great. I’m that girl." <<.... priceless!

8:56 AM

Blogger DrinkJack said...

LOL ... so you gave him your number and a calendar for him to count down the days until his 18th b-day...

6:17 PM


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