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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You think you know everything

then you check his phone log and see text messages to a girl named Melanie.

so you get as much of your stuff as you can and then you leave.

and then after a couple of stiff drinks at a friends you decide to call him and ask if it's okay to pick up your stuff at his house the next day.

he explains is was just his X that lives in New York and it was just a birthday message.

you explain that you don't call your X by a pet name anymore.

he asks if things weren't working out why you didn't just end it.

you tell him that you wanted to work on it.

he tells you that he knows he doesn't feel that way about you.

he apologizes for wasting your time.

he cries more and feels bad that he can't be the man for you.

and you lay in bed thinking you knew everything.

thats when you realize, you don't know shit.

by body item ;


Blogger DrinkJack said...

Trust is a key factor in the relationship...

5:33 PM


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