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Monday, December 18, 2006

Riddle me this

Suppose your relationship with said Boy ends up being rather serious. You go out for your Christmas parties this weekend and have a great time. After all, you use to work at his company so his bosses use to be your boss and you already know everyone there.

Everything is going great until you get this email from his (your prior) main boss:

It was good seeing you at the party. I liked the part when you were kneeling. I could get used to that.


After you puke into the nearest garbage pail, what do you do? Do you tell the boy who’s feeling insecure at work and feels as is this boss does not like him? Do you do nothing and pretend it never happened? Do you respond to the email? Why oh why did they guy end it with a “ttfn”! Gross!!!!

Ewwweeee! I need a shower! Let me know your perspective when you have a chance, please. I’ll be trying to master the magic 8 ball on this guy.

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Blogger DrinkJack said...

Get re-hired, let him make another comment like that, and then sue his ass and the company for sexual harassment.

Or just drop it, unless it occurs again.

4:01 PM

Blogger Jennirhiow said...

ok. if i dun think too much abt what those words really meant, i know what they mean and it's horrible and it's too bad u can't really do anything abt it personally, besides waiting in an alley late at night with a baseball bat. i leave u to conclude what u would do with the bat.

but what is ttfn??

4:53 AM

Blogger Mark said...

coulda been worse. at least he didn't give you a d in a box...

i'd write him back and tell him he's a jerkwad. might discourage him from doing the same to others in the future.

1:12 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

ttfn stands for Ta-ta for now, which is something you might see in a high school letter between young girls.

And D-in a box was about the funniest thing I've seen in a long long time! Thanks!

Oh, and I seem to be getting questions about why I was on my knees. I was kneeling next to the jerk because he was sitting a table. Dirty Minds!

1:25 PM

Blogger Jennirhiow said...

well dear, not someone to lose sleep over i feel. in any case, Merry christmas to u and a happy new year!!!!! may 2007 be a GOOD one for u.

4:18 AM

Blogger Nan said...

Sorry, just getting around to reading everyone's blogs now. As for the email, just ignore it. He'll get the message loud and clear.

5:04 PM


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