Drifting thoughts of a snowflake

Thursday, April 01, 2004

If you wonder why I'm crazy

I received this email today from the hubby. It's full of memories, some of the best I have to hold on to.

Things we said / happened on our honeymoon:

“Are my eyes bleeding?”

Our teeny rental car

The puffer fish under our little hut

The ants on the flower behind your ear

The 20 second plane ride to Moorea

Chickens and cats living together in sin…

…and that was just the honeymoon…

What about all this stuff?

Breakfast at Posse East

A good ol’ fashioned game of rockstar

Kissing in the rain and missing the light to cross

Free hot-dogs

Crawfish Monica

Breakfast at Tiffany’s at the Paramount

Moving your couch (over the balcony)

New Year’s Eve in Vegas

“Don’t you drink I drank enough?”

The last five minutes of Dave Brubeck at Jazzfest

Sweet Home Alabama at full blast to wake up on Sunday of the MS150

Kiko climbing the balcony to come in

Soul Coughing and Galactic at the Saenger Theatre


Beers at that speakeasy in the Village in New York

Dance lessons

Drinking games with the jug-o-wine and stroking the David’s huge unit

Soma Sundays

Ani DiFranco and Lyle Lovett at the City Coleseum

The night you visited your mom… and only slept at home for an hour

Mr. and Mrs. Universe visit Jim’s for a late-night breakfast

Bribing the ski-lift guy

Galactic at the House of Blues—“Move your big fat head!”

Jazz on Sunday evenings at home

Getting our fortune read at Lee Circle and you levitating for the crowd

Shark attacks at Tropical Isle on Sunday afternoon.. followed by dancing to the Preservation Jazz Band in the street

Picking out Mango

Corndogs and Tater-tots—the celebratory dinner

Standing in the sun trying to keep your vaseline from melting

Playing frisbee golf with my mom and brother and Shane

Chelsi asking Elizabeth why her earrings say ‘Ho’

Frank Sinatra and the 10K ‘Awards Ceremony’—“Why don’t you buttle me up some ice?”

The funniest bedtime song ever sung…

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