Drifting thoughts of a snowflake

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Do you ever get the feeling that the wrong dog is barking up your tree? I’m not sure if it’s the lure of spring with the flowers blooming, or the lust caused by the renewal of small shirts, but this town is starting to buzz.

Last spring was really intense. My friend and I were drinking sangria at Spider House on night around 11:00 p.m. It was a beautiful night of rocking back and forth on the sliding chair with our fruity drinks in hand, while the fireflies danced around the colored lanterns. We were commenting on how frisky we felt that spring. I didn’t help that young men were everywhere that night. How I love the arrival of spring. That feeling of being alive and youthful, of endless possibilities, and little summer dresses. Needless to say, that spring was more than we could handle. Both of us let summer slip by with a sigh of relief, destine to crawl back under our comforters and reminisce.

This spring, I’ve started to notice the boys coming out. What is it? Really, do you know? Last week I was entering a patio when a Chilean boy swept me off my feet, and began dancing with me. This week I had a friend of the hubby’s hit on me, out of the blue. He must have heard that we were separated and no longer speaking to one another. Neither one a serious attempt, just the first sittings of spring. My girlfriend was told, “You sure clean up nice” and “you rock!” by a co-worker at a company dinner. Her other lover returned without warning. And this is just the beginning.

Who knows, maybe the blog will get a little funnier with some smut to talk about. And I will stay in search of the mysteries of spring.

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