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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Stranger Danger

I love it when my friends are falling down in despair and pull me right into that deep dark void with them.

This weekend D was in town from Houston. D’s coming off of one of the nastiest divorces I’ve ever seen, and is doing the best he can. This can be defined as chasing women and drinking like a fish.

Friday night was comparable to a bar marathon, rather than a pub-crawl. We sauntered in and out of bars looking for women – any kind of women. Just show me one! The girls must have put out a warning, because there was not one lady in the city of Austin at any of the bars we popped into.

Saturday was spent eating and drinking beer around the house. We followed it up with a quick nap and were back on the town running from bar to bar. We actually found some girls and D found one to take home. He left the bar and went straight to her house. Around 7:30 in the morning he stumbled back home to my house.

A: Why are you home so early?
D: Because she woke me up and told me she couldn’t sleep with a stranger in her house.
A: What?
D: Turns out she couldn’t sleep because she thought of me as a stranger.
A: Did you guys have sex?
D: Yep.
A: Talk about Stranger Danger…and she’s worried about you sleeping?

Sunday we headed off for Mexican food and more cocktails. We also thought it might be nice to find our missing credit cards from the night before. We never found our credit cards, but D did find himself the owner of a new painting. D also learned the girl selling the painting at the club doesn’t come with the purchase.

Monday morning I waved as D drove off. We must have cleared $2,000 off of our group’s credit cards this weekend, with the largest tabs on Sunday night. I can barely afford a $50 tab once a week, much less this type of spending. Oh, to be young and stupid though. I wouldn’t take any of it back.

Except, well there is one thing. The next time I dry hump the Capitan Morgan’s pirate in public, the least you boys could do is snap a picture. Wonder if the Captain is worried about Stranger Danger?

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Blogger Dirty Dan Sin said...

Ah, getting the stranger boot at 7:30 in the morning. Nothing makes me feel more like Bob Dylan as I grab my coat and wine and sally forth into the new day...smelling like burning latex.

2:28 PM


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