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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'll be back

I'm off to Spain today and won't be back until next Friday. It's a life long dream to go off to Espana, and here I am. My flight leaves in a couple of hours.

So big kisses and I can't wait to be back. I'll share all my times and pictures if possible. Pray that I don't get deported. The Playa MC has his doubts.

Hugs and see you soon!

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Blogger Nan said...

I hope it's the trip of a lifetime for you. You deserve the best! Have a blast.

12:57 PM

Blogger Lost in Translation said...

"well i've never been to spain, but i kinda like the music. say the ladies are insane there...." and now one more will surely prove it!!! safe travels my friend.

3:11 PM

Blogger DrinkJack said...

Live life to the fullest :)

5:28 PM

Blogger Hotpants said...

omg have fun!!! and take lotsa naughty pictures!!

10:12 AM

Blogger Jennirhiow said...

have a blast darling!!! u deserve to have a good time!! post pics!!! i wanna see!!

"they say spain is pretty, though i've never been..." hahahaaa....

7:49 AM

Blogger Mark said...

so is the opposite of getting deported, falling in love with the place and just not coming back?!?

12:24 PM


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