Drifting thoughts of a snowflake

Friday, July 08, 2005

Why did ya have to go and say a thing like that?

It hasn’t rained in Austin for over 5 weeks now. Dry isn’t even the half of it. I think I’ve heard the earth coughing around here, looking for anything to quench its thirst.

I was walking back to my work pod yesterday afternoon and noticed a peculiar smell. I stopped dead on my heels and sniffed again. “It’s rain!” I belted out and ran to the window. I felt like an old woman in a nursing home whose days fluctuate with the weather. Sure enough it was rain. Texas rain is different that anywhere else I’ve been. Seattle has their little pellets of rain and Arizona’s rain looks like mist. The rain here is made up of huge lemon sized drops that can soak you immediately, like a Shamoo splash.

I went home to try and catch a run in the rain. It’s been so steamy that I can’t run at night, so I was jumping with joy at the chance of running in a heavenly shower. Sure enough I got home and there was no rain to be found.

I started making dinner and the Playa MC came by for a movie. I had the door cracked open when the downpour began. The street began to flood and the lighting cracked through the sky. Glorious rain. The lights went out a few times and then it stopped out of nowhere, like a tantruming child’s whose attention’s been caught by a butterfly.

We drank our wine and waited for my cat to come home. I kept getting up and looking out the door in hopes the lighting hadn’t chased him four counties away. During one of my attempts to coax him in my neighbor pulled up. I smiled because something about him always makes me smile. He got out of his car, smiled back and said, “You want to go for a walk in the rain?”

I could have melted on the spot and run fluidly into the stream rushing down the street. I declined, but damn if you ever want to get laid on the spot – try that line. If the Playa MC hadn’t been there, I’m happy to say I would have fucked that boy right there in the street. Damn him, now I’ll have to fantasize about that for a week.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for unintentionally laying down a cockblock there, AJ. Hell, I was feeling a bit peckish myself. Lightning storms as energetic as that one was just bring out da passion.

Tell ya what. See if your neighbor has his own hot single plutonic female friend, whom he could invite over in a pinch, for future thunderstorm/sex contingencies.

We could use the backyard while you're out in the street, to avoid any creepy foursome-type situations that could harm the ol' friendship.

Or you could have just asked me nicely not to watch. Or listen.

2:27 PM

Blogger Hot Toddy said...

SO romantic. Not that I ever fall for such romantic drivel. Yeah, right.

4:28 PM

Blogger Hotpants said...

Love, love, love... YAY FOR SNOWFLAKE!!!

7:06 AM


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