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Friday, September 17, 2004

Last night I dreamt of a fairytale weekend

I was sitting by lake when I heard an angel singing to me. She told me to be brave and strong, and to love with reckless abandon. I was mesmerized by her presence, and couldn’t stop thinking of her beautiful red hair.

I started walking through this park when I heard some young men yelling at me. I turned around to see these boys were screaming at me to have fun. They were jirating to a funky beat, but had old souls. They were wise and told me to look out for people in my past who would come to do me harm.

A little shaken by this information, I wandered into a forest filled with Irish barmaids and leprachons. They were spinning and leaping to joyful music, pushing me to onward though the trees. I was dizzy by time I ended up faced to face with a huge machine that pushed me towards these country bumpkins who me drink gin and juice.

By this time I was hallucinating and a mouse scurried past me on the path. I tried to run after it, but stopped and got on the back of the bus with this beautiful young man I know from my past. He told me how he loved cold beverages, and begged me to have one. As I drank it, I remembered what the funky young men said to me. I was became scared of the beautiful young man, and decided I needed to get back to my roots. I found plenty of smiling faces reminding me that everything would be all right.

I walked past an old porch and saw an old man who reminded me of my grandfather. They were waving me. They told me to follow the next PixieI saw.

I found the Pixie and he told me to return the following day, because there was a chance I would find my Prince. I woke up the next morning and the stars were still out. I ran into a dancing bear who told me to take a ride with this surfer.

I was hoping that he was my Prince, but then I remembered there’s only one Prince. I continued searching for my true love as I passed up a bunch of dirty boys, who told me to go and find the ghost. Their horns were telling me the ghost had the answer. I rounded a corner and found myself lost in the woods. I sat down to cry, but then another beautiful man came and told me he’ld burn one down with me. He told me I would feel just fine in the morning, and that all of this was just a dream.

I looked up at him confused, and asked, “Does this mean I’m not going to meet my Prince?” He looked back down at me, smiled and said “You’ll just have to wait and see little girl”.

I’ll let you know if he shows up.

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Blogger mona said...

jesus god, is this a real dream or a cool, surreal imaginary dream? cause if it's real, then all my dreams are devastatingly lame.

i want pixies and princes and leprachauns. do you drink much nyquil?

1:18 PM

Blogger Jennirhiow said...

gods! that reminds me so much of the stupid weird dreams that i have all the time! i felt as though i was the one wandering around looking for her prince. i like it.

3:40 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

Damn! Some of my links didn't work!!!! I need to fix them. It must have been all that Nyquil!

Ahh, the power of hallucinogens!

7:56 AM


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