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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ninja kissing

It appears I have committed the perfect crime. Sure the poor boy was a more than willing participant, but I still feel that I got away with something.

A while back I was sitting in the hot tub with a bunch of friends. It was late in the morning, and we were telling stories while we lounged around naked in the water. As any co-ed water sport goes some of the couples left to commence their private Olympic sport. Jack and I were left to our own demise.

I always knew that Jack had a thing for me, although his boyish qualities prevented me from ever taking him seriously. After hearing the song “Amanda” one night, he called a mutual friend to tell her he received a sign that he was in love with me. Silly boy, Boston shouldn’t dictate such emotions. When I heard the story, I laughed and relentlessly and sang the song whenever he was around. To me Jack is a dear old friend whom I can laugh and have cocktails with, not someone I would sleep with.

Somehow that night, Jack managed to work his way over to my side of the hot tub, and asked if he could kiss me. I thought about it for a minute, didn’t see the harm in it, and smooched away. At one point I pulled away to warn him about going any further and noticed his eyes were clearly not focusing. I suggested we stop and go to bed (bed bed you dirty minded people, not sex bed). We slipped off to bed without anyone noticing, and kissed for a little while longer. We both passed out, but luckily I woke up a couple of hours later.

I snuck out of bed and headed for my room. I slept for a couple of hours, and the next day I didn’t acknowledge anything happened. I wondered if Jack remembered anything from the previous night. There was no teasing or playful flirting the next morning; it was just as comfortable between us as it has always been.

When we went to see Bob the other night, I was surprised when his girlfriend didn’t show up. (And no, she wasn’t in the picture when the hot tub incident happened) We rarely go out alone without the company of our other friends. After realizing they oversold on tickets, and that there was no way we could sneak a peek of Bob, we headed off for another bar. We talked all night about this and that. It was a long deep conversation between two very old friends. We went back to my house and burned some cds and he left without any sign of awkwardness.

You see I committed the perfect crime. I’m convinced he has no idea we kissed that night, or that I was in bed with him. Granted, I am in NO WAY condoning any kind of sexual advance on someone who is too drunk to condone sexual advances. This wasn’t like that at all. It was just a little super Ninja kissing, and I got away with it squeaky clean.

Better watch out – you never know who’s next!

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