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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ray of light

It’s that moment where you’re telling yourself that you can’t move because the effort is too great and someone reaches out a shaking hand. It’s the little kid that tells you how beautiful you are when you’re still in your pajamas. It’s the person that cries with you when you don’t even know what you’re crying about.

In and out they circle your life, always there to catch you. I’ve had a million of these over my life. Some of them I know and some of them I can’t picture their face anymore. Yet they’re all here within me. They are the little whispers of memories that float into my head when my mind is all confused and grey.

It’s the email from someone you’ve never met face to face, but they tell you how amazing you are. It’s the smile from a random stranger who somehow gets you. The phone call in the middle of the night because someone knows you’re not sleeping and they know you need to talk. It’s the lady at the ice cream shop that winks and puts sprinkles on your scoop because she just knows you want them.

They trickle in. They shape your smile. They put movement in your dance. They sway you from being bitter and jaded about the raw deal you know you got. They change your perspective. They act a million years older than they are and give you wise advise.

Heroes. Angels. Who knows what to call them? They are everywhere. Someone reminded me not to judge other people so harshly the other day. He reminded me of the shattered state I was in just a year or so ago. “How’s that so different from you?” I blew the comment off as flippant and arrogant.

I thought about it when I woke up this morning. He’s right. I want to be that person that sends a card to an old friend because you heard about their loss. I want to remember my power of grace in this world more often. I want to leave chocolates on friend’s doorsteps and not be afraid to hug them. I want to tell them openly about how they changed my life, and see if there is anything I can do to change theirs. It’s time to make someone remember my actions instead of my face. It’s time I moved my life in this direction. Its time to let go of fear.

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Blogger ErntsBloggo said...

Jeeeez... that was




Dang that was good. I'm gonna read it again.

"my power of grace"

just. AB SO LUTE LY splendid.

cheers from MS, and yep, here's to letting go of fear...

12:44 PM

Blogger Dirty Dan Sin said...

I have come a long ways in being bold enough to act gracefully more often than I used to. Unfortunately, then I get drunk and slapfight anybody that's sober...testing grace all around.

1:20 PM

Blogger DrinkJack said...

The power of a smile or a kind word can never be truly appreciated unless you find yourself on a downward slide and that power has touched your soul to bring you back to the surface. Glad to hear that you are going to use that power wisely.

5:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:13 AM

Blogger Adriana Bliss said...

Wow, what a wonderful entry.

10:24 AM

Blogger MzOuiser said...

Amanda, congratulations! You can do it. You have figured out an enormous secret: Work from hope, not from Fear. I apply that axiom to as much of my life as possible.

My heart swelled as I read this. You go girl.

I will think of you tonight as I sip my Chantico!

12:26 PM


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