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Friday, February 18, 2005

Ode to the Playa MC

This week marks the Playa MC’s birthday. As my wingman over the past year or so, we have seen many a drunken night followed up with laughter and tears. We’ve chased pants and skirts, respectively, and have endured stalkers and witches alike. We’ve seen the end of our marriages and the beginnings of our new lives take shape. He makes me smile.

In order to help celebrate his birthday, I’m asking you to forward me well wishes that I will pass on to him, or leave them in the comments where he can read them. What’s that? You feel as if you don’t know the Playa MC well enough? I’ll give you a look-see.

The Playa MC is hilarious. Don’t believe me? Check out some of the C-isms he’s come up with over the years:

**The Playa MC inquires about a strip club: “That reminds me. Would you happen to know if the Pink Pussycat is the place with the one armed stripper?”

**Regarding our plans on Valentine’s day…“And don't feel bad if you'd rather go out on a date with someone that can offer you the possibility of guilt and awkwardness-free sex.”

**Related to my recent interviews…”I think you should do your next interview entirely in "Springer-guest" talk. When your prospect starts talking about their qualifications, just stand up quickly, start waiving your hand in their face, and scream "Wha' eva! Wha' eva! You ain't better than me! Wha' eva!" Then hit them over the head with your chair. That should make your day more interesting. And it will also enable you to observe the tact, fortitude, and skull-strength of your prospective hire.”

**Concerning one of his dates… “I don’t know if the witch figured out that she was the starring performer in a one-woman freak show Saturday night or not.”
**Talking about one of his date’s dreams… “She wanted to discuss her damn dream, and it was even a rerun. It’s the same dream she discussed immediately after I dumped my load on her stomach Sunday night. She wanted me to tell her what it meant if she was running through a field of brown grass stalks, but every stalk she touched turned to a “beautiful magenta” color. And the wind was blowing. All obviously indicating change from something old and lifeless to something new and beautiful, but I’m sure as shit not gonna tell her that. It means that I’M about to get f*ckin’ stalked is what it means.”
If you can’t tell from that he is the greatest guy in the world. Besides all the laughs and drunken nights, TPMC will also be there if you need to eat right or work out. He’s always there for me. The day after I returned from my grandfather’s funeral he was right there with me drinking my sorrows away. Most of the men I know don’t know how to react when I woman is sad, but the Playa MC can handle it with grace.
I’ve seen him grow from a man who’s never played a drinking game to the last one standing. I’ve seen him change his career to better the world. (Although that’s a work in progress) Did I mention that he’s brilliant? Yes ladies, leave him and email and I’ll ship his ass right over. He’s become the first person I call to grab a drink, vent about family, or tell a joke to. He’s always there to remind me to be patient with myself and to not be so hard on myself.

This week wasn’t easy for me. I was pretty down, and like a good friend, the Playa MC greeted me the other night with new CDs. He says I can’t be down listening to Wu-Tang clan. Not only does he make me happy music, he knows me well enough to force me to pop the trunk and put them in the changer. Yes, I’m that lazy.
So, here’s to you Playa MC! Thanks for being such a great friend to me. Thanks for listening to me bitch and then enduring it when I tell you that I am going to change the world. Thanks for being my biggest fan and enduring my alter ego that comes out. Thanks for hugging me when all I could do is cry, and thanks for being you. Oh yea, and thanks for feeding my Whatarburger when I get drunk. I blame you for my large hips. Bastard! Love you! Drinks tonight?

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Blogger DrinkJack said...

Playa MC - You are an evil genius full of wit, charm, spunk, junk, and a little funk. So I raise my glass of whiskey to you on your birthday to toast your perfect friendship. Fuck on!

6:26 PM

Blogger Jennirhiow said...

Happy birthday, Playa MC. I'm glad that Amanda has you for a friend. May you continue to be her pillar.

9:34 PM


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