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Monday, March 21, 2005

Thank God for hot men with guitars

One day my blog won’t be about my divorce, and I can’t wait for that day. Bear with me. It’s been a long weekend of digging in the past. My x- family –in-law came in for SXSW and wanted to get together. I spent Saturday morning working on the house and then ran out to meet them at a show. I was walking through the park on my way, trying to hold back the tears. I miss my little nieces. I miss their little blond hair, blue-eyed ways that remind me what amazing parents they have. “Aunt Mandy! Look what I made you! I miss you!” They were all hugs and full of things to show me. It was great to see the X-mom and brother-in-law, too. I felt more like myself around them than I have since high school. I didn’t feel the pressure of measuring up to wifey and it showed. Maybe it showed too much, because one of the brother-in-law’s friends hit on me all night. Later on he revealed that he always thought about me and wanted me from the first minute he met me. He now thinks that it is destiny that we “ran into each other again”. Except he tells me this after mentioning the only reason he came out was because he heard I was meeting up with everyone. Super sigh. I found it not only repulsive that he would do that to my X, as they are childhood friends, but the guy is an exact replica of George Castanza. He has called me 8 times since Saturday night. None of his calls will ever be returned.

Sunday was the X’s day to work on the house with his brother and my replacement (the new girl friend). Maybe I should jot down a thank you note to her for working on my house. Then again I sold her my used husband, so she must have her hands full. I got home in time to eat a bite and then rush out to a show. I ran into the X who was put out from working 9 hours on the house. Since I spend about 15 hours a week on the house, I decided to ignore him and close the door in his face. Alexi Murdoch was amazing and if it wasn’t for him, I could have skipped the weekend all together. I can’t recommend his music enough. Go here now.

This morning I got a call from the X wanting to get the specs on my engagement ring. “Why?” I asked in shock. “I thought you wanted to sell it and we could split the profit,” he muttered. I instantly began crying, which he turned into “me having a fit”. A fit Mr. X, is me slapping you across the face for wanting to sell something that isn’t yours and take half the profit. Me crying qualifies as me allowing you to yet again pull my heart out with your teeth. He states that he thought this is what I wanted and since I broke my promise of being with him forever, he now believes he has the right to take it back and sell it. Unbelievable.

I look at that ring and this is what I see –

Remember what I’m about to say to you, because our grandchildren will ask you to tell them this story..”

Waking up the next morning after we were engaged and crying because I never thought I could be so happy.

Making sparkles of light in my car while sitting in Houston traffic, knowing that I was the luckiest girl in the world.

Spending every morning cleaning it because I was so proud of my husband and my life.

And now he wants to sell it because he feels bad about the debt he left me with. Funny, isn’t it? He wants to sell it and take half of the profit for himself. Pretty neat way to help yourself and others, isn’t it? Can I have the keys to your car? I’m going to sell it and give you half of what I make.

What a bargain!

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Blogger Larry Jones said...

I only read this post and the one before, and you seem so sad it hurts my heart. I hope the pressure and the pain ease off for you soon...

7:58 PM

Blogger Mandy Lou said...

Hi my name is also Amanda and I to have gone through a divorce and missing my ex-inlaws..it sucks, but it will get better I promise.Just keep your chin up!!!:)

1:16 PM

Blogger MzOuiser said...

Oh wow. The ring, of all things. Honey, my heart goes out to you. Big hugs. Hang in there... and keep writing.

5:11 PM

Blogger Lunatic said...

You want me to rough him up for you? I'll do it.

I'll hold him down and you can put engagement sized indentions in his forehead.

5:20 PM


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