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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The puppy you see above is the newest addition to my crazy shack. His name is Dingo and we started puppy training last night.

Dingo is super smart at home. He sits, he lays down, he kennels up and he stays on command. Get the little shit around other people or another dog and you’ve got another story.

Last night was his first time at puppy school and my sister was there with her new dog. Mimi’s dog is a fluffy cute labradoodle, a poodle and Labrador mix, which of course sat attentively at her feat and gazed up at her lovingly.

Dingo - not so much. He had a great rhythm going that looped bark, whine, and then sigh. It was great. He was the only one in the class that was given a toy in order to shut him up. He scoffed at that and it was back to his irritating mix.

So I endure the hour and half of ridiculously looking at him and saying, “Sit – yes!” and then giving him a treat. He’s looking at me like I’m the biggest idiot in the world for treating him for something he does all the time. I swear I caught him rolling his eyes at me once or twice.

At the end of the session the dogs got to great one another. It was at that time that he decided to hump all the other dogs. Lovely. I’m such a proud mommy. There’s nothing better than saying, “Hi, nice to meet you”, then looking down seeing your 15 pound puppy pretend fucking a 50 pound lab. Good job, Dingo!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I know you know that I know that you know

I received a fortune cookie from a coworker today. Since I hate to be wasteful, I ate the cookie.

My fortune?

"Your talents will be recognized and rewarded"

It's official. The cookie obviously has no clue where I work.

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