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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hello Kettle!

I recently started a second job where I do the books for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. While it’s somewhat of a pain in the ass to work more after I get out of the first job, it can also be entertaining. It might be a bit of stretch for me to be working there since they would probably diagnose me as an alcoholic.

I sit at the receptionist desk. This allows me to be privy to both the conversations of people in a waiting room, and to counselors holding group sessions. So far, I’ve learned a few things. First of all, I’m not as mature as I’d like to be. I learned this when they asked if anyone had ever bought something instead of paying a bill. I have done that! Maybe I didn’t buy crack, but I’m sure I’ve bought clothing or CD’s instead of paying a bill.

Secondly, praise yourself for everything you do. Everything, regardless if it’s expected of a normal human being.

This morning a perfect example came up. I was speaking to a counselor regarding her time sheet and she said, “Well I try really hard to be honest on that time sheet. I’m in recovery, so I have to be. I guess I should try and be honest all the time, but now I really have to be.”

Yes, hooray! I will also praise myself for not putting down that I worked 10 more hours than I really did! Superb integrity!

Other inspiring stories I’ve heard include this one:

Patient: I shouldn’t be in here, cause I just smoke pot.
Counselor: So you don’t think that’s a problem? You think there’s not a downside when you decide to do that?
P: NO! It just makes me a little slow. That’s all.
C: So why are you here?
P: I got arrested for buying pot.

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