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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Egocentric Birthday Shout out –

Okay, people – it’s my birthday! Cocktails Friday night at G&S Lounge if it’s raining, and Freddie’s if there’s sunshine. If you’re not there, regardless of your current location, I will be forced to cross you off my super great blog friends list.

Yea, I have one. So what?

Also for something a little more meaningful, I keep having dreams and thoughts about my Grandfather that past away last year. I keep feeling his presence around me right now as I unpack my old belongings into my new house.

I keep looking at memories and feeling blue. Then today I sat down at my desk and was admiring the flowers that BB sent. (Yes, long story turns out I should have gotten the full story – I used my jump to conclusions mat and was wrong. It happens every 10 years or so)

A big bunch of tulips staring back at me, eager to open up and let me see their beauty suddenly reminded me of a childhood memory. When I was little my grandfather would always buy me or make me an orchid corsage for my birthday. I loved them. They glistened with their delicate petals pridefully showing off their lavish colors. I also felt so proud to be wearing it pinned to my t-shirt, which was always dirty from playing in the yard or climbing trees. My hair always escaped my ponytail and frizzed out around my face. I was a mess as a child; except for the days my mother demanded I wear a dress and forced my hair into a slick brown bun. Regardless, it was the girliest thing I ever put on as a child.

I wonder now why he always did that. I don’t remember him doing that for any of my siblings or cousins. Lately I can hear him in my mind telling me, “Come here, gal”. Which meant I could crawl up on his lap and let him protect me from the world or the people in my house, whichever was worse at the time. I’m thankful that he’s still with me.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Today's riddle:

This group's latest release cites drum licks copped from Detroit Rock City.

Any one? Any one?

Thanks for everyone's help - I'll keep you posted on the progress!

Friday, April 14, 2006

I suck at this!

Today's mystery is the following:

A member of this Texas group shares a name with Richard Starkey.

Okay, Richard Starkey is Ringo Star. I've googled away, but alas nothing. Anyone know the answer to this? If you are right you'll know because the artist's website will have a picture of the ACL grackle holding a green note.

Arggggg - this is driving me nuts! (Pirate refernce intended)

Thursday, April 13, 2006


If you can figure out the band behind this riddle - I'm yours, like it our not. Please help me!

The driving force behind this act began his career in a band that shared half of its name with the birthplace of a famous fried-peanut-butter-sandwich-eater.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You think you know everything

then you check his phone log and see text messages to a girl named Melanie.

so you get as much of your stuff as you can and then you leave.

and then after a couple of stiff drinks at a friends you decide to call him and ask if it's okay to pick up your stuff at his house the next day.

he explains is was just his X that lives in New York and it was just a birthday message.

you explain that you don't call your X by a pet name anymore.

he asks if things weren't working out why you didn't just end it.

you tell him that you wanted to work on it.

he tells you that he knows he doesn't feel that way about you.

he apologizes for wasting your time.

he cries more and feels bad that he can't be the man for you.

and you lay in bed thinking you knew everything.

thats when you realize, you don't know shit.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Beat it with a stick

Do you ever want to beat the stuffing out of Ziggy Marley for not being as great as his Dad? And then you feel a little guilty, like maybe you should be easier on him because his Dad did die and all.

I realized today that I’m killing myself over here. I’m pretty much doing it in the slowest fashion possible, so that I annoy ever last piece of myself over and over and over again. I’m just a pain right now. I’m moody. I hate moody people. I hate everything about them. Just pick a personality and get on with it!

Yet here I am. Moody. And it sucks and I’m bugging the shit out of myself with this crap. My friend tells me it’s because my birthday is right around the corner. I blame it on switching my birth control to a generic form. When that didn’t feel quite right, I started blaming it on BB and our relationship. Which is really nice considering his birthday was last week.

Leave it to yours truly to wait until this Sunday to tell him how unhappy I am. Is that a reasonable length of time after his birthday? I mean 6 days, come on! The bad thing is, I don’t know if it’s him or me or the weather or my birthday or my medication or what.

I just suck right now.

I’ll write more when I perk up and am enjoying myself again.

Friday, April 07, 2006


I’m just walking to the copier….do..do…doo….and what’s this? Cute guy? Huh? Cute! Like the MIT shirt…..like the smile…..like the hair….nice…nice…what’s he doing in my office…. weird. There is never anyone cute here.

I think I’ll just turn back and get one more quick peek. Turn head, die of embarrassment as he is looking back at me.

Okay..okay…not so bad. I mean, at least he was looking too. Right?

I run into a coworker and tell her what an ass I just made out of myself with some new guy here in the office. Then she trumps me. “You mean Gena’s kid? The one in high school?”


I’m that girl.

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